From King of the Fighters to Street Fighter, Xuan Dou Zhi Wang/King of Combat borrows moves, effects, and similar look from many and still manage to create it’s own flare and charm, among the other fighters in the generic. King of Fighters series, more so than others, presence is felt, with in character design and certain move sets. One character radiated the soul of Kyo to the point to make you wonder if he was a long lost twin.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang/King of Combat Online Match Casuals 1Vs1 2 out of 3 5/3/13

I myself, have not had the privilege to play the game yet, but I have researched the game through youtube video views and podcast reviews. The game originates from the country of China, in beta form, with a free-to-play structure. Unfortunately, servers are confined to that region. An American web site, by the name of King of Combat, gives instructions on acquiring a beta key, download of game and registration, with the help of translations to the games official site. The beta keys are occasionally posted on the site’s forum, in which you have to become a member of such to have a chance to acquire one, if you lucky.

Xuan Dou Zhi Wang Kensou vs TofuSoup FT10

Graphically, the game sports a 3D/2D blend that run at smooth 60 fps, hit effects gave reminiscence of KOF explosions and startup/ending intro animations were entertaining. Every time I watched the game animate, it reminded me of an older ps2 game called RumbleFish, that used an engine that animated each limb separately to create smoother movement.
I hope the game will have a world wide release, because a game of this quality needs to be shared and have large community following. It being of the free-to-play variety, does not hurt the pocket, either. I like that. 8)


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