Well Anime Blues Con is over after Day Three and it was still a treat to behold. There was still a lot going on even with a much shorter day schedule than the previous dates. This won’t be a long article because we didn’t get to do a lot of the Day Three events, and did end up leaving a bit before the Closing Ceremonies, but we started the day off with a very cool Doctor Who panel! (We slept in a little and missed the Pokemon panel, sadly) Team TARDIS went through the entire 50 year history of everyone’s favorite Doctor! They did a great segment for each of the eleven Doctors over the course of the show’s run and ended it with a good round of trivia. During this even they also had a signing session with Little Kuriboh (the mastermind behind Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, among others), but sadly we missed it.

Photo Jun 23, 12 07 18 PM

Afterwards we did some roaming about the Dealer’s Room to see what all deals they had going on and checked out some more of the artist’s and crafters that were selling their wares. One thing I must say, if it wasn’t stated in a previous article, there are a lot of talented artists here in town. We saw everything from fantastic original portraits and posters to well crafted bags, earrings, and patches! We couldn’t buy them all (otherwise we would’ve), but you get the idea. Even the main room in the dealer area was chocked full of wonderful items. Vintage comics, complete anime box sets, manga sets, Pokemon outfits and kimonos. You name it, it was there.


Among other things we got to check out a pretty interesting opening to the Anime Music Video contest, but had to spring early do to some time restraints and catching a screening for World War Z. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Memphis has a wealth of talent within it’s confines. If only we could get to display itself more often… I digress though. All and all this has been an ABC to remember! I’m finding it hard to fathom how they’ll be able to top this one. Each ABC get’s better than the one before it, and if they can top this one then I’ll definitely be pleasantly surprised!


If you were there and we saw each other (you know who you are!), you have our love! Those that were there and missed us? (You know who you are!) We still love you anyways! For those that didn’t make it at all? We also love you but not quite as much as those that showed and missed us 🙂

Let us know about your ABC 2013 impressions! And also tell us about your favorite convention experiences!


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