Anime Blues Con 2013 once again kicked off another awesome line up of events with Day Two! There was so much going on that we mead to be fairly selective with our activities. We missed the opening events like History of Anime and Intro To Lolita (Sorry! We overslept!), but we caught most of everything else! We kicked off with another panel that featured BOTH Steve Blum AND Wendee Lee! We got to ask questions, hear great stories about their experiences, and how they broke into the business. Sure we got panels with both of these iconic voice actors separately, but it was nice having these iconic voices sounding off in the same room. Their chemistry is just as good in person as it is in screen! Afterwards they had another signing session and we moved n to more awesomeness.

We got sit in on the Anime Blues Got Talent show which is always entertaining, and we switched over mid way through to check out the Lolita Fashion Show, brought to us by Midsouth Lolita. There were some technical difficulties, but they still pulled out an entertaining show that thought most of us a lot about “Lolita” we didn’t know. Personally, I was never aware there was a “male version” of Lolita style or a subculture where Lolita cross dressing was prevalent. The ladies behind the show told us about some of their personal experiences, how they got into Lolita, and how they like to encourage the growth of the style here in our own Midsouth Area.

The Cosplay Contest was next on the agenda and we did sit in on it, but there we so many contestants and so much going on we just tried to catch the participants outside the competition. Everyone’s A game was on today. We saw everything from popular Cosplay choices down to the obscure. Check out some of the ones we saw below at the bottom of the post.

There were also workshops on how to write mangas and comic books, draw Chibi illustrations, do Cosplay makeup, Naruto and Bleach panels, Black Butler panels, Batman and Hellsing panels, and even Magic the Gathering tournaments. After the mainstream and all ages activities were wrapped up we also got to check out the after hours shenanigans where they did Karaoke, dancing at Club Blues, and an Adult Pajama Jammy Jam. Personally, I skipped e after hours stuff. I was worn out from the earlier activities, but I did hear is quite the evening. Many a hangover can be expected Sunday morning.

Day Two failed to disappoint! It was just as fun as Day One and sadly the show must come to an end tomorrow. But there is no excuse not to get your butt down here and enjoy what’s left of the Convention. Tomorrow will be a bit more lax than the last couple of days, but there will be plenty of workshops on anime and manga, an Anime Music Video Contest, and much more! Hope to see ya tomorrow!
























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