Enter the Fight Club: Xbox One versus Playstation 4 Exclusives

The gauntlet has been thrown. Jared Leto’s beautiul has been destroyed, and Edward Norton enjoyed it. Oi! After the hilariously nasty bitch-slapping that went down at this year’s E3, I figured we should section this thang off and figure out who goes where. Here’s a listing of each system’s exclusive titles! IT IS…ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. In alphabetical order, for your brain’s ease and my OCD!

Playstation 4 Exclusive:

→ Basement Crawl
→ Deep Down
→ Driveclub
→ Galak-Z
→ Infamous: Second Son
→ Killzone: Shadow Fall
→ Knack
→ The Order 1886
→ Secret Ponchos
→ Super Stardust

If I had to be honest, which I do here at The Realist, I don’t give two damns about most of these titles. BUT! There are some killer PS-exclusive-anyway titles, like Infamous and Killzone, that I’m psyched for. And anyone who doesn’t think The Order: 1886 looks STUPENDOUS, well… I’m gonna make you look….stupid…neous! YEAH, take that.


Xbox One Exclusive:

→ Below
→ Black Tusk Studio game
→ Crimson Dragon
→ D4
→ Dead Rising 3
→ Forza Motorsport 5
→ Halo (HOMG NO WAI!)
→ Killer Instinct (This makes me sadface. For realz.)
→ Kinect Sports Rivals (Meh.)
→ Powerstar Golf (Who gives a… no.)
→ Quantum Break
→ Rabbids Invasion
→ Ryse: Son of Rome
→ Sunset Overdrive

Again, I don’t care about most of these. I guess I’m just an ass. 😀 I’m excited out of my head for a new Killer Instinct, as Gold was one of my top N64 games as a kid. Halo is… Halo. I like them, I enjoy them, but I’m not so much caring about yet another one. We will see if they change my mind! And Ryse: Son of Rome makes me sad to be XBOX exclusive- when I first saw the trailer, I was hooked! I didn’t anticipate that exclusivity, though. Hmm.

As per use’ when they switch console generations, there are some titles that will hang in the funky limbo of “One next-gen console release, and then all the old systems too!” and there are quite a few of those. Here’s your probably-not-exhaustive list of these purgatory-walkers:


Playstation 4 Next-Gen (And then random others) Exclusives:

→ Blacklight: Retribution
→ Contrast
→ Daylight
→ DC Universe Online
→ Diablo III
→ Doki-Doki Universe
→ Don’t Starve
→ Final Fantasy XIV
→ Hohokum
→ Mercenary Kings
→ Octodad: Dadliest Catch
→ Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee New ‘n’ Tasty
→ Outlast
→ The Pinball Arcade
→ Planetside 2
→ Primal Carnage: Genesis
→ Project Heart and Soul
→ Ray’s the Dead
→ Rocketbirds 2: Evolution
→ Super Motherload
→ Tiny Brains
→ Transistor
→ War Thunder
→ Warframe
→ The Witness


Xbox One Next-Gen (And then random others) Exclusives:

→ Fantasia: Music Evolved
→ LocoCycle
→ Minecraft Xbox One Edition
→ Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
→ Project Spark
→ Titanfall
→ Zoo Tycoon
→ Zumba Fitness: World Party

As you can see, there’s a huge disparity between the publishers who have decided on Sony versus Xbox. Titanfall looks spectacular, and the Disney-kid in me wants to play Fantasia, but there isn’t much else on the Xbox list I’m looking forward to. However, there are quite a few on the PS4 side that I’m gleeful (oh yeah, I said it) about– Oddworld, FFXIV, DC (which I already play on PS3 BUT WHATEVS), and Diablo III (which I don’t already play. Sigh.).

So! With that giant list-o-matic in mind, have you chosen a system? Will you go with the Will of Sony, or the Might of Xbox? Or will you walk both paths? *cough*


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