E3: Wednesday Schedule

We are still in the full swing of things at E3! Here’s the schedule for Wednesday, June 12th. These times are in PDT, so adjust accordingly! We’re starting up in ONE HOUR, Central time! Check it out:

11:00a Battlefield 4
11:20a Command & Conquer
11:40a Need for Speed: Rivals
12:00p Nintendo Game
12:20p Watch_Dogs
12:40p Tearaway
01:00p Killer is Dead
02:00p The Crew
02:20p TBA
02:40p Wolfenstein: The New Order
03:00p Nintendo Game
03:20p The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
03:40p Saints Row IV
04:00p Nintendo Game
04:20p Puppeteer
04:40p DuckTales: Remastered
05:00p The Evil Within
05:20p Quantum Break
05:40p LocoCycle
06:00p TBA
06:20p LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
06:40p Beyond: Two Souls

As you can see, there’s a TON to cover today! I’m sure we will bring you guys another Trailer-Pocalypse and we will divvy it all up and ‘splay it loud and proud. Tell what YOU can’t wait for, and stick with us at the Realist Lounge!


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