Sony Lays The Smack Down @ E3!


As you’ve seen we’ve given you some tidbits of info from what we were able to gather up from Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference earlier today and what was presented was pretty damn entertaining. Some of the sting that came from earlier announcements about the Xbox One, Always Online, Kinect required at all times, and 24 hour check in’s seemed like a bad dream… Until Sony showed up…


Sony came in and trolled everyone from the CEO of Microsoft to the guy that mops the floors at night when everyone leaves the building. Even the lady in the cafeteria at Microsoft headquarters who makes the peanut butter and banana sandwiches that the developers, tech guys, and money men eat while they devise their plots to take over the gaming world… yeah… she got trolled, too. I’m not a fan of trash talking. Whether it’s in a game, a sport, or even on the “playground”. But sometimes… just sometimes… its necessary. Today it was necessary. Everyone (gamer or not) knows by now that Microsoft has caught no shortage of hell, fire, and brimstone for their stance on “Used Games“. One of the first things to come out of the presenter Jack Tretton’s mouth during the PlayStation 4 break down was a speech only one with the gift of the silver tongue could deliver. Just check it out below.

When this news came out it kind of felt like Sony looked Microsoft square in the eyes and did this


While fans did this

200bIf that wasn’t enough they even put together this little number…

200Yeah that shit just happened…

They even threw in a bit about cross game voice chat, network sharing, and playing games even while you’re downloading them.

They also took a bold step with its built-in fan base. They changed PlayStation Plus. The good thing about this change is that its one that’s been hinted at and rumored by fans and detractors alike for the past three years. Paying to play online with the PlayStation 3. While that never happened, Sony has come out and said that the PS4 will require a Playstation Plus Subscription in order to play games online with friends and strangers alike. We also get to keep all the benefits that Plus subscribers have enjoyed since the beginning! Check out the video below for more info!

That’s right. We’ve already got a PS4 exclusive on the board for download on Day One for Plus subscribers AND your current subscription carries over. I love it when a plan comes together.


Sony goes on to talk pricing and even show off what the system actually looks like… since you know… that’s totally more important than the games you’ll play on them to some people. Not trolling Sony or anything. Just the people who complain about that sort of thing. The system could look like a Geo Metro on stilts and I would not care so long as I can play Metal Gear Solid V in all its glory. Check out this video below for more info on this beauty of a system!

$400? 500 GB of hard drive on launch day? $100 less than the PS One– I mean Xbox One? Sold!


Then Sony announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII as Final Fantasy XV


Then came Kingdom Hearts 3 …

Three words… Flawless… Victory… Babality…

All in all it was information overload and that was just with the system, itself. There was even more next generation shenanigans during the rest of the press conference. So tell me, realists in Realist Land. What system are YOU buying?


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