Shin Megami Tensei E3 2013


We have a lot of information on the blockbuster titles, but what about the individual studios and their hard work? Well, we have some exciting news for the Shin Megami Tensei IV coming soon for the Nintendo 3Ds. I’m going to leave a slew of trailers here for your perusal. In the meantime, I’ll still be getting ready for the localization of Project X Zone. For those that didn’t know, there’s a demo available on the 3DS in the eShop!

The Ritual is something that all Samurai must go through in order to go slay demons. There’s a chance that most guys would get accepted, but it’s something special for you to be recognized for it. I cringed at the way the voice-actor says Samurai, though. >.>

Here’s more Shin Megami for your eyes to take in! If you ask me, Nintendo has been dishing out gold while the masses are still raving about how Sony destroyed Microsoft. Don’t get me wrong though…they did get that ass whooped.


3 responses to “Shin Megami Tensei E3 2013

    • My apologies for not responding to this, earlier. Thanks Ernie for doing so in my absence. I appreciate it 3IRc! As Erine said, we’re trying to keep people coming back. I’m a big RPGer, so, I’ll be making a lot of posts. Thanks and happy viewing!!

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