Gameplay Showcases The Bold, New Region of Kalos

Seeing the French DNA that inspired the new Pokemon, I knew it was going to be amazing. I’m a huge Pokemon fan, and, the new trailer only brightens my day. The new Fairy type has been described in detail with a couple of Pokemon like Sylveon and Gardevoir sporting this awesome type. It’s super effective against Dragons as well. Competitive gameplay will be something fierce once this hits the stores in the third quarter of this year. Be sure to check out more footage and information by subscribing to our blog and to keep it real.

Here are a few screenshots of what’s coming!

The environments look damn amazing for this handheld title. Of course, you’ll still have your wiggling grass for rarities and stronger Pokemon as well. That water looks drinkable.


You can now ride on top of your favorite Pokemon in-game and in towns! I wonder how the actual animation would go before you head into the Pokemon center. It beats your Pokemon just following you around; however, it was the gateway for something like this to happen.


Now that’s a cool story, bro. You got what appears to be the Eiffel Tower in the background, which may pose more of a challenge later from the news given towards the Legendaries. Camera angles seem to play more of a part than in the previous games. Although I must admit, Black and White One and Two were pretty legit when it came to utilizing the graphics of the DS cartridge.


Did I forget to mention this cute little addition to the game? You can build your relationships with your Pokemanz with more detail other than just sending them out to destroy other trainer’s Pokemon. There are mini games where you can feed them, pet them, and and nurture them. This made me all warm and fuzzy inside once I saw this. It’s a little too cute though if you ask me. The bigger the Pokemon, the more space they take up on screen. Sorry Snorlax!


Enter the world of Kalos



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