That’s right! You saw what you thought you saw! Years back (2006) when Final Fantasy XIII was still in its development stages we were salivating and chomping at the bit to get our hands on Versus XIII. Then FFXIII released…. Versus XIII was nowhere in sight… Then FFXIII-2 released… Versus XIII wouldn’t return our calls…  Then Lightning Returns was announced… Versus XIII unfriended us on Facebook and stopped following us on Twitter… Then the impossible happened… Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn got a launch date! We just knew Versus XIII was somewhere in Hawaii hanging out with another guy…


Then E3 came and who was standing int he door way? Final Fantasy Versus XIII! But it wasn’t the game we remembered. Not exactly. Sure it had the same look, feel, and style. Sure it had a lot of the same cut scenes and combat mechanics we remembered from all those nights long ago. But something was different. It had more polish. It had more action. It had more Final Fantasy elements in it that reminded us of days long past (FFVII and FFVIII). Final Fantasy matured. It wasn’t some crappy knock off title that was supposed to make us “like” FFXIII more. It was grown up now and left that world behind. It became Final Fantasy XV… and I couldn’t be happier. Check out the trailer below!


Still,  not much else is really known here. Sony only said that its running on “Luminous“, Square-Enix’s next-generation engine.  They didn’t specify if it was a PS4 exclusive or not, but considering it wasn’t mentioned during Microsoft’s press conference it seems unlikely. If Sony was smart they’d go ahead and lock that title down and put Final Fantasy on a platform where gamers would seriously have to consider leaving the Xbox One on the retail shelf like the PS2 days of old.

How do you feel about this re-branding of Versus XIII? Are you ready for the next chapter in the FF Saga?

FinalFantasyVersusXIII_combat_3 safe_image FinalFantasyVersusXIII_combat_2


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