It feels like a lifetime, but at long last… after 10 years of a this long journey with Sora… We finally get to see the final chapter, Kingdom Hearts 3. This is a title that has been near and dear to many gamer’s hearts. If you ask ten JRPG fans about what their favorite titles are, most will say Kingdom Hearts is somewhere on that list.


Not being the biggest fan of the series, but a fan nonetheless, I’m excited to see the end results of this saga after the events that occurred in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. With Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix helping to keep the memory of the series fresh in gamers minds, both fans and newcomers, I’d say Square-Enix is back on track to start making some serious cash after so many under performing titles these past couple of years. This console cycle has been nothing short of a fevered post torture chamber nightmare for them the likes of which Jigsaw couldn’t even dream up.


Unless Sony slaps a baby, goes against gay marriage, or calls someone the “N” word I could easily see this “console war” over before it started…


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