One thing is for certain when it comes to Ubisoft and its that they may drop yearly Creed titles on us, but rarely will they rest on laurels. When I first saw this gameplay trailer the first thing that crossed my mind was that there wasn’t going to be enough new things to really sell this game anymore than it already has to fans. I was wrong.


Sure there are a lot of old tricks and old hat business going on in this trailer. It’s the subtlety of the polish that did impress me. Yeah we’ve probably shifted onto a bench with other passerby or leaned against a tree next to some gamblers to blend in on countless occasions. But never have I done so and said “Hey that’s really cool that the main character acted as if he were really sitting next to someone”, or “Hey that’s totally cool that the people I’m blending in with notice I’m there”. It was subtlety that sold me…


They even showed off the old hat hidden blade kills. I even saw a moment in the trailer where Kenway followed two guards and the first thing I thought when they presenter didn’t kill them right away was that he’s saving them for the double hidden blade take down. I was right. What I wasn’t prepared for was the seamlessness of the world you inhabit. The moment Kenway leaped from the ledge where he just dual welded pistols and gunned down his opponents and dodged bullet fire in John Woo-like fashion only to race the rooftops of the dockside village I was blown away. And then he made a series of old hat catwalk jumps across more roof tops then I yawned… Only I was caught off guard when he jumped the last roof top onto his boat and proceeded to steer his ship thorough naval combat!


Why am I so surprised by this? Easy. No loading screens… Even as recent as Assassin’s Creed 3 if you wanted to get on your boat to go anywhere you had to watch a loading screen. This was different. It was seamless. Not even so much as a scene watching Edward Kenway walk and do random moves from his repertoire! AC4 isn’t anything entirely new, but Ubisoft knew what we needed after AC3’s lackluster story and main character. All I can say is give me more!

What do you think about this pirate’s booty? Is AC4 Black Flag on your radar?


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