E3 News Starts Flowing In!

We will probably have TONS of mini updates this week as E3 rings in, so here’s what we know so far! This is the press conference schedule for the events:

Microsoft: Monday, June 10th @ 9:30AM
EA: Monday, June 10th @ 1PM
Ubisoft: Monday, June 10th @ 3PM
Sony: Monday, June 10th @ 6PM
Nintendo: Nintendo Direct: Tuesday, June 11th @ 7AM
Pokemon X/Y Panel: June 11th @ 6PM

Monday Morning
** New Xbox 360 model available, starting today! Sleeker, smaller, and quieter than the one you have. Ya know, because you want another one in addition to the…

**XBOX ONE that will supposedly be coming in November. A RARE rep let it slip during a game demo. Oopsie, RARE!

**Metal Gear Solid V will be on XBOX ONE. Woohoo! …assuming you buy one.

More to come as we get into the EA panel! Keep an eye on our page, and tell us what you think of the news!


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