Dead Rising 3

Six years ago, we were introduced to a young journalist byt he name Frank West. His mission? I’ll give you a grand old hint: It involves the genocidal activities against the zombie population. Kind of an n-bomb word, heh. Anyways, we’re brought to present-day, Nick Ramos. This game is set a few days after the outbreak in Los Perdidos and he’s fighting to survive in this awesome trailer showcasing how graphically enhanced Capcom has gotten with this series. Did I forget to mention you can call in airstrikes or bomb hordes of zombies with the Smart Glass feature? It’s there! Enjoy this trailer as he fights his way out of this zombie infested populous to make whatever weapons you desire. Oh! One more thing…this is all real time and no load screens. Have fun!

Dead_Rising_3_2 originala originalb


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