The Makers of Dead Island Bring Us Dying Light!

Dying Light is the new project underway by the same team (Techland) who brought us the zombie melee focused survival game, Dead Island. This time around you’re doing pretty much the same thing. Using melee attacks to keep the undead at bay, but whats different this time is the addition of parkour (free running). There is even the allusion to being able to create modded weapons like in Dead Island. Not much else is know at the time other than you’re in a constant struggle to survive, find supplies, keep the zombies from eating your brains, and not getting killed by other survivors. An exact date has yet to be confirmed, but it is slated to release for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3 and 360 in 2014.

FINAL_jump dying-light-248732545269799_854105431_o dying-light-8 dying-light-2 Dying-Light

Now that you’ve check out the trailer and the pics, what do you think!


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