Nokia Releases New Action Packed Trailer For Man Of Steel!


Nokia did something most companies don’t typically… they released a movie trailer today! Not just any trailer either – a Man of Steel trailer! And an action packed one to boot! Here it is below.

I for one am super excited for this movie… and I HATE Superman!!!!! I mega-loathe him! He is one of the most outdated and over hyped super heroes of our age, and he is also totally unrelatable. It’s not his fault either. He’s an alien. You can’t choose what planet you want to be from. Some get on Earth. Others get born on a Krypton just before it explodes.


I am look forward to this movie though. It seems like Zack Snyder understands what the Superman movie franchise has lacked over the years and he’s willing to put in the man hours to make sure we get what we deserve. Despite all the fuss about the behind the scenes lack of trust in Snyder last year from Warner Bros. Studios and them bringing in Christopher Nolan to “oversee” Snyder and rein him in, or even the backlash Snyder caught for his outing with Sucker Punch, I have faith in him. People only remember your failures. They only celebrate your short comings. People forget that he brought us the “Dawn of the Dead” remake, which is still till this day, the BEST remake of all time and even helped spawned Hollywood’s love for rehashing stuff. People forget he brought us 300, a full throttle macho man fantasy devoid of historical accuracy, but brimming over the edge with amazing action and style. Even Watchmen (who some hate) I love! Yeah it has too much slow motion camera work… Yeah they ramped up the violence… and yeah… there’s a distinct lack of giant squid at the end (but really who cares)… The movie was still great.


Sucker Punch? Ok… slap on the wrist there. I knew the movie would suck long before it released. If you saw that trailer and honestly believed THAT would be a good film then you might want to double check that coffee you’re drinking. Sucker Punch was written by Snyder when he was 14 and it was the movie he dreamed of making. I get it. Being a sketch artist myself, and knowing others like myself with similar passions, you can go back into my old sketchbooks and find all sorts of dumb bullshit like that. We were all 14… Let him off the hook. Just next time he needs to make sure when he wants to make a vanity film he should release it to the public, but just show it to his friends during movie night.

I digress though. This movie looks great and I’d be surprised if it was anything less than that come release day. What do you guys think? Are you excited? Or are you skeptical?


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