Injustice Adds a New Character! ….Scorpion…?

We did this already, right? Oh yeah! This IS the image from last time!

Wow. The internet is going nuts over Injustice’s 3rd DLC character, Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion. Re-envisioned by Jim Lee of DC Comics, Scorpion has a much more Superhero-esque costume, and his iconic whip-chain is indeed intact. However, fans of the game are crying wolf on Ed Boon: Why exactly is a Mortal Kombat character getting into a full-on DC game? And he’s taking a spot in one of only four DLC characters? We had an entire game of MK and DC. In fact, is was called Mortal Kombat versus DC Univserse.. Either way, take a look at his creation and some of his moves!


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