Benecio Del Toro Joins Guardians of the Galaxy!


Benecio del Toro (Snatch, Usual Suspects) has been added to the cast of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy today and though it hasn’t been revealed “who” he is playing or whether he will be a “villain” or a “hero” they have said that his character  is “built to be part of future Marvel films, which means he has signed a deal with options that put him into multiple movies.”

“Multiple movies”? “Options”? “Part of future films”? I don’t know about you guys out in Realist Land, but that seems oddly like he will not just be a throwaway character or an “Agent Coulson” type. It makes it seem as though he will be playing a major character whether it’s a good guy or a bad guy. A lot of the popular buzz around the web is that he is playing Thanos. Some have even speculated that he will be playing the voice of Rocket Raccoon. The only thing that really nails down the Thanos theory is that it’s a multiple film deal and the wording they used to describe how del Toro will be utilized combined with the nature of the threat Thanos poses makes it all sound fairly plausible. Then again he could be playing Uatu the Watcher for all we know…

Thanos screen-shot-2011-08-15-at-2-51-40-pm

Whatever the role, del Toro will own it and even though he hasn’t picked the best films lately I feel this is a solid choice for him. If he is Thanos after all then he will make a good villain and will have a type of presence that will make us believe he is the galactic threat he is in the comic books. If he’s Rocket Raccoon he will bring a charm and charisma to the character that hardcore comic fans will praise throughout the streets as the “perfect cast” (no, not the Goofy Movie perfect cast). Personally I am excited to find out more about this ,but I must admit it seems like every other day someone else is joining the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy. I have a sneaking suspicion if they keep this up they will still be reporting new actors up until the day before the release. Not complaining or anything, but its an observation. We will keep you guys updated!

Let us know what you think about this casting news! Who do you think Benecio del Toro will play?



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