Why Viggo Mortensen Turned Down “The Hobbit”

As you may have noticed with The Hobbit Trilogy in progress there has been tons of news on characters from the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy being shoe horned in and “brand new” characters made up just for this trilogy. One of the most interesting bits regarding that has a lot to do with Viggo Mortensen (Aragorn in the holy LOTR trilogy). You probably saw Orlando Bloom’s being cast in The Hobbit and thought… “Wait a minute! Legolas isn’t in The Hobbit!  He’s a Lord of the Rings character!… Well… I guess if they’re putting him in why didn’t they put Aragorn in?” 


If you asked that then here’s your answer. Viggo was asked. He turned it down. “GASP!” But why would he? What possible reason could he have?!? The answer is simple. Integrity. In a recent interview with The Guardian he was asked about it and said –

“Before they started shooting, back in 2008, one of the producers did ask if I would be interested. I said, ‘You do know, don’t you, that Aragorn isn’t in The Hobbit? That there is a 60-year gap between the books?'”

I have to admit. It was a tad shocking to hear an actor say that. Most actors/actresses would just take the check and phone in the performance and add it to their résumé. I cannot count how many films I’ve seen where you’re watching a performance and you can just tell the actor does not want to be there. They’re not giving their all. Or worse yet they know nothing of the source material or care about the integrity of it. Viggo Mortensen just showed every actor and actress in Hollywood how to stay classy. Thank you, Viggo.



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