Glenn Close Leads The Nova Corps In Guardians of the Galaxy!


Glenn Close (Damages, Fatal Attraction) has been added to the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy… Let that sink in for a second. Still sinking… still sinking… I have to be honest with you here in Realist Land. My only reaction when I first heard the news of Glenn Close being cast in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy film was…


And don’t get me wrong. I’m not the least bit upset about this. It just seems like the last type of movie Close would pick. She typically takes on Oscar worthy roles, or hard-hitting dramatic television. I don’t think she’s taken anything that remotely resembles this type of role since… since… 101 Dalmatians?


Not that these roles are anything alike, but it’s just to say she typically shies away from these types of films. The saving grace here is that she really shines when she’s in a strong feminine role. And honestly that’s what the Marvel movies have been lacking. Strong feminine roles. Yeah we have Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow, but who else? Since there isn’t a sign of a Ms. Marvel cameo anytime soon this is as close as we’ll get. The reports on this casting seem to lean towards Close’s character being a “Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury” type for the Guardians, and a leader of the Nova Corps, a super powered space police who ward the galaxy against intergalactic threats (basically the Marvel equivalent of the Green Lantern Corps). I’m hoping she brings a bit of her edginess from Damages over.

More importantly… we are getting the Nova Corps! Could this possibly set up Nova in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? I certainly hope so. With all the cosmic machismo that’s going to fly when Thanos shows up in Avengers 2 (and possibly Avengers 3?) they’ll need all the cosmic superheroes they can get. Also if you take in to consideration he’s teamed up with the Guardians before to take down Thanos then this makes total sense to have him involved!


All around I’m excited to see this movie and see Glenn Close in this role. What do you think? Are you excited for Guardians of the Galaxy? Let us know!


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