Transformers 4 Pics of the Autobots in Car Form

Michael Bay is not done making sub par or worse Transformers movies. In fact he’s only just begun. He has a whole new trilogy in the works (in case you haven’t heard), and he’s brought on a whole new cast and is redesigning the robots in disguise. As for the designs nothing has been shown of the Autobots or Decepticons in robot mode, but we have gotten some pics of them in car form.



The cars pictured above are going to be featured as Autobots. The top being a C7 Corvette Stingray, and the bottom $2.4 million Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse. Bay went a little out of his way to pick gaudy cars this time around. Even more so than he did in the previous films. The point of the Transformers is that they could be any old car lying around and you wouldn’t know it. Volkswagen Beetles, jeeps, vans, trucks, station wagons, trains, a Ford Mustang or a Firebird even. The allure of the cartoon and toys was that I could always pretend my family’s van or firebird was really a robot in disguise. How many kids own a Bugatti? I get it. They want the cars to be “sexy”. But to me the words “Transformers” and “sexy” shouldn’t even be in the same sentence. All we can hope for is that they spend more time developing the actual Transformers characters than showing shots of Megan Fox’s ass in short shorts for 2 and a half hours. When you pay almost $10 to see a movie about giant robots who turn into cars and jets I’m guessing you want to see what you paid for. I know I do. I’m sure whatever underwear model Bay wants in his movie this time around has a sex tape floating around on the internet for that sort of thing, right?


At least the stalwart leader of the Autobots hasn’t taken much in the way of a redesign, for better or worse. Still with the flames, Michael Bay? Whatever. At least he’s still a big rig, and they gave him a more hefty and durable looking vehicle form. I’m still curious to how this movie shapes up, but I’m not holding my breath for a better film than the last three movies. I know Michael Bay better than this. He’ll make promises to get us in the theater, and this shit in our popcorn once he has our money. Sounds harsh? Probably, but its the truth.

What do you think about the new designs? Are you looking forward to the new movie or are you as skeptical as I am?



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