Jimmy Fallon’s Game of Desks!


I’m normally not much of a fan of the whole “Late Night” tradition. To me that is something that died with Johnny Carson and his like. But every now and then… much like SNL… they tend to put up a skit that might surprise you. I’m huge fan of the book series A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as, the TV series it spawned – Game of Thrones. Jimmy Fallon does a fairly competent job with this. Its not laugh out loud funny, but as far as Game of Thrones skits go, its pretty damned good.  Check it out!

My favorite part is probably the parts with the Late Night band (The Roots) as the “Nights Watch”. Then again I love The Roots so that may come off as personal bias. What do you guys and gals in Realist Land think? Let us know!



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