The New Awesome Trailer For Man Of Steel!!!

Let me preface everything I say here by stating a little known fact for those that don’t listen to the podcast… I’m NOT a fan of Superman… at ALL! I find him dull, unrelatable, and unchallenged. His rogue’s gallery is a text book for how NOT to design a rogue’s gallery. He has a silly weakness. And the secret identity thing? Its kind of dumb seeing as how he never wears a mask and even those closest to him don’t know he’s Superman. Some characters are still in the dark after 75 freaking years of comics!!!!!! Now that I’ve said this…


This trailer has me ridiculously excited for Man of Steel!!!!!!!!! Weren’t expecting that one, huh? I am very amped for this film. I honestly haven’t enjoyed a Superman film since Superman 2, and as far as televsion shows go… well… never. This movie has all the things that Superman Returns promised, but failed to deliver. They’re giving us a more believable back story. This Superman seems to have layers, something the previous iterations failed to accomplish. There’s also a villain he can actually fight! Despite Superman’s rogue’s gallery being as poor a rogue’s gallery as they come – General Zod is THE villian of choice if you’re going to open a film.

This movie looks impressive and I can’t wait until June 14th! Stay tuned for when we drop the review!



6 responses to “The New Awesome Trailer For Man Of Steel!!!

    • Superman Returns isn’t near as bad as most people think it is. Its just a popular opinion to have for reasons I don’t get. I feel its a good enough movie with great performances by everyone involved, but its not the Superman movie the hype machine built it up to be… I can point out 2 particularly bad Superman movies most have forgotten lol. Superman 3 (with Richard Pryor, whom I love but did not belong in the movie) and Superman 4: Te Quest For Peace (Superman fights… Nulclear Man…) They’re borderline unwatchable 🙂

    • Freaking hilarious! These are the things I thought when I first saw the trailer lol… well minus the whole not seeing this or other superhero movies… That was a Super beard!

  1. I have recently been meditating on the very exact same idea myself recently. Delighted to see another person around the same wavelength! Good article.

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