Guilty Gear Returns With “Xrd -SIGN-“!

Here’s the trailer for the sequel to the long running, heavy metal fueled and inspired, Japanese 2D fighting game known to hardcore fight fans the world over – Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-! Not much is known about this forthcoming title outside of the fact that Arcsystem Works is bringing it to us as soon as they have it perfected and it looks to use a 2.5D style similar to the latest Street Fighter X Tekken and Super Street Fighter 4 series.

Another bit of information that long time fans will love is the return of series stalwarts, Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske, who are both featured in the gameplay trailer! Another mention thats worth noting is the trailer also gives us a look at another fan favorite, Millia Rage, as well as, Eddie/Zato-1!

Personally speaking, I was a huge fan of the Guilty Gear franchise and still am. Blazblue is nice and all, but that never resonated with me the way that Guilty Gear does. Hopefully we have more info to share soon on this fighting game rising from the ashes!



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