Sony teases with a glimpse of the PS4!


Sony has released a teaser to keep you all thinking about the PS4 during tomorrow’s Microsoft press conference for the “next Xbox”. Even with the blurry quick flashes of the system, both up close and from afar, you can already tell the rumors of a “glass” system have already been debunked (thank the gods). Also it looks like its going to be a pretty slim system right from the start.


Not much else has been shown other than the new Dualshock controller and various games . Sony has also confirmed that they will be giving an all you can eat buffet of information come E3, June 10th. Sound off! What do you think?


3 responses to “Sony teases with a glimpse of the PS4!

  1. I cant wait to see what it has over the PS3….cause I am a PS3 freak!!!!
    I will definitely buy the PS4 if it is worth it!!!

    • The PS4 has already shown some pretty damn good specs, and the PS3 is still the best console on the market from tech specs to game library. I’m sold from day one! Micrsoft has yet to impress me.

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