Just What Is Panopticon?

Not much is known about this Sony exclusive, Panopticon. The trailer that was recently released was just a taste of things to come as Sony has been planning to release major game announcements in a possible attempt to take steam from Microsoft next week. Panopticon offers what looks like a very  Orwellian dystopia where people are constantly being monitored. What exactly is being monitered hasn’t been revealed, but the game’s trailer shows off various characters with unspecified numbers over their heads that kind of harken back to the “life spans” shown over people’s heads in the anime, Death Note, to anyone who had the Shinigami Eyes. It also boasts a dragon-esque monster that is reminiscent of monsters from the Final Fantasy series, as well as, character designs and styles that would remind one of the Shin Megami Tensei series.

The potential party members look like they have numbered days...

Once again not much is known about this upcoming title. Is it a PS3 title? A future PS4 release? Or is this the big Vita announcement Sony was teasing? Who knows? Whatever it is, it looks very intriguing! What do you think?



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