Damned – A Horror Game With Some Chops

Here is a pre-Alpha video for the upcoming indie video game, Damned. The really cool thing about this game is it’s a randomized Horror sim that allows up to five players. Four of the players will search the mansion looking for objects and exits to complete their goals and every time you play you will get a randomized set of objectives and the layouts will change so it won’t be stale after a couple of playthroughs (looking at you Left 4 Dead).

The more interesting part is the fifth player. That player is taking on the role of the monster that’s haunting the other four players. You can manipulate the the others by turning invisible, using eerie sounds, and triggering supernatural effects to throw them off of their objectives. Not only that but the game does allow you to be invincible to the other players to further impress upon players the feeling of helplessness (ala Slender) and give the player in control of the monster the opportunity to engage in blood lust.

Sounds pretty cool. We need more true horror games, and less of the “Resident Evil style” that the current generation of gamers mistake for “Horror”.

What do you guys think?


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