The Realist Episode 11 – Holy Comic Books, Batman!

Today’s Realist Lounge Monday has Ernie, Jacob and Mel waxing all things current in comic book world! In addition to the standard– ya know, we are so standard — wild and crazy shenanigans, we discuss the New 52 soft reboot of the DC world, comic animated movies versus live-action movies, and some of our favorite/most hated (because sometimes they’re the same and YOU know it) story arcs! Dark Reign, Secret Invasion, and Ernie’s *OH SO BELOVED* Batman R.I.P. are just a few we cover! So stop on in, sit a while, and fill up those ear holes with Comicy goodness.

The Realist Episode 11 – Holy Comic Books, Batman!

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5 responses to “The Realist Episode 11 – Holy Comic Books, Batman!

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