The First Hour – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Edition Part 1!

Ernie tackles Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in all its 80’s Gaming/Pop culture referential shenanigans in Part 1 of the First Hour!


3 responses to “The First Hour – Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Edition Part 1!

  1. I’m going to sound like such a noob right now. I recently put down my PS2 controller and have been trying to get back into modern gaming. I am so lost on MODs and DLC, and I want to get into computer gaming but I don’t know where to start. How do I find all of this and the Blood Dragon game for Far Cry 3?

    • No problem, we all have to start somewhere. Blood Dragon is actually a standalone DLC. You don’t even have to have Far Cry to play it 🙂 If you’re on PC I recommend Steam as a means to download it, but if you’re on Xbox 360 or PS3 then both the Live Marketplace or PSN Store will have it. Either way its $14.99 and its definitely worth every penny. Also one more thing. Even though you don’t need the main game (Far Cry 3) I still highly recommend it. Of the 3 founding members of the Realist Lounge ALL of us had Far Cry 3 in our top 5 games of 2012… its just that amazing. If you ever have questions you can always ask us!

      • Thanks, if I have any more questions I will definitely be stopping by to follow again and ask any questions. By the way I got Far Cry 3 right when it got out and I wouldn’t stop playing until I beat it. So happy I saved my friends in the end too.

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