Hide your books, hide your dice… Warner Bros. bought Dungeons & Dragons movie rights…



Warner Bros. has taken an odd step in a strange direction yesterday as they acquired the movie rights to one of the most popular (if not the most popular) pen and paper role playing games of all time. Its been a staple of the fantasy genre and an inspiration to many books, films, and game developers in sci fi/fantasy genre for the last 30+ years. From whats been told Warner Bros. is taking this property very seriously and have been working the details on this for quite some time before the actual purchase of the rights. David Leslie Johnson has penned the script that the studio will be using and a director has yet to be tapped for the project. 

I had to admit that when I first heard this the fan boy in me squeed with giddy child like glee. Then the realist in me started weighing all the factors… David Leslie Johnson is no doubt a talent in the industry… however… this man is responsible for two scripts that sucked shit through a straw (Wrath of the Titans and Red Riding Hood). On the good side – he is responsible for two of the more tolerable episodes of Walking Dead’s long drawn out season 2 Sophia hunt. He also wrote the screen play for Orphan, which I liked. 

All things considered I’m glad to hear that this is a priority project for the studio and they want to get it right. Seeing as how the first Dungeons & Dragons film starring Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch was an abortion of a film, and the direct to Sci Fi (now Syfy) channel sequel was somewhat less abominable, but by no means better… They can only go up from here right? Right? Personally I’m hoping this movie takes some cues from Dredd. Not saying it should be Dredd, but that it should do all it can to distance itself form its previous incarnation and do its best to let fans and potential audiences know that “these ARE the droids we’re looking for”. With Game of Thrones at an all time high in popularity, The Hobbit films in full swing, and a World of Warcraft movie looming in the shadows maybe we can have hope that this will be a good move. 

D&D fan? Seen the original movies (if you can call them that)? Excited or Worried about this new adaptation? Let us know!


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