Ghost Rider returns to Marvel!


After two horrocious films and a sad attempt at making Christopher Lambert relevant again, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) is back home where he belongs. Marvel Entertainment acquired the rights back after Sony Pictures handed it over after two incredibly mediocre outings to make something out of the Ghost Rider rights they bought when comic book movies turned out to be a quick buck.

Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Entertainment, said we shouldn’t be in a hurry to see a Ghost Rider reboot anytime soon though. He says they have plans on putting something out there, but it won’t be within the foreseeable future. Ghost Rider is the latest in a recent trend of intellectual properties returning to Marvel. First it was Punisher and Blade, then Daredevil, now Ghost Rider… please…. let this be a sign that Fantastic Four falls through and goes back to Marvel….

For now we’ll have to be content. Besides Fantastic Four, Fox has the X-Men IP (and all that encompasses) and Sony still has Spider-Man). Hopefully one day we’ll get to see all our favorite heroes on the big screen at the same time. One can hope right? What do you think? And let us know where on the doll did the Ghost Rider movies touch you!



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